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Dear Solex Friends!

We are glad you have found us on the internet. This is the page of the Hungarian Solex Friends.

As you surely know the Solex bikes are produced in Hungary. However neither the bikes not spare parts are sold in Hungary.

That is the reason why we are not able to help you in obtaining spare parts. The only thing we can do is to give you the connection to the factory. Sorry to say, but in the factory nobody can answer the phone in English, therefore we recommend to send them a letter or fax, which they can translate. Factory adress:Cyklopress Kft.  4100 Berettyóújfalu, Széchenyi utca. 65. Tel: 00-36-54-400-750



>>> or Google maps: Berettyóújfalu

If you are a member of any Solex club, please let us know your internet contact and we shall inform you about our summer meetings held at the lake Balaton. All Solex Friends are welcome there!

With kind regards
The Hungarian Solex Friends

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Please visit our website www.sorbent.hu and contact us!